Ora Group Look At Selecting Your Business Mentor

Ora Global Look At Selecting Your Business Mentor

Every entrepreneur began their journey to success by being inspired by somebody who’s beliefs and visions are similar to their own, usually somebody in the same field as them, someone who is setting and leading by example. Managing director Obi Shorinwa of Ora Group  tells us how he chose his mentor and how he utilised his mentor to become the successful, self-made entrepreneur that he is today.

Like most of us, Obi Shorinwa follows the successfulness of renowned and famous public figures like the honourable Steve Jobs and Sir Richard Branson. “I had always known I wanted to make an impact and a difference, but I hadn’t yet found the right field for me to grow in, until I joined the direct marketing industry,” Obi explains “I attended my first round interview for a direct marketing firm and I was instantly inspired by people in arms reach of me, people I could aspire to, and have the opportunity to work with on a daily basis. I was surrounded by entrepreneurs and industry greats, who would sit down with me.. in the same room as me – I couldn’t believe it. I knew I had found my mentors and they would encourage me to achieve greatness.”

Managing director Obi Shorinwa of Ora Group had joined a network of self-made entrepreneurs who helped each other to build their enterprises, who would share information, help one another and mentor those on the same path as them. “Immediately I made building relationships with my mentors my absolute priority, I would learn from them just like a student, I would copy exactly what they were doing, not to be a replica but to make sure I was doing things right to be the best version of myself. I would go to my mentor for support and guidance, I would be inspired by them daily, not many people are ever fortunate enough to work with their idols, so I never took my opportunity for granted.”

So often, many of us follow our mentors online, follow their social media accounts, read their books, watch their videos and listen to their podcasts but we never look closer at the winners we have around us that we can learn from, follow and reach out to for help and advice. Obi Shorinwa of Ora Group follows online gurus himself, is smart and utilises the people around him, those in the same industry as him and makes every effort to network with them and be mentored and impacted by them every single day. “I am successful today because of how I chose to find my mentors.”