Ora Group’s CEO, Obiora Shorinwa, Made a Generous Donation to One Hope United

Founded in 1895, One Hope United stands for the development and care of children. Throughout the years the organization has evolved into many things. Foster care, clinical services, and child development, these are all part of their growing features. “This is all for the children. Giving children the room to grow and space to learn gives everyone an equal opportunity for their future goals. Many of these children have dreams they want to accomplish. This is the main reason why Ora Group supports One Hope United. We will always stand by those that have a dream and make sure that we can help in any way to progress them for their future success,” mentions Obi Shorinwa managing director of Ora Group.


One Hope United is an important charity because it values the aspect of children’s dreams. We appreciate that they created such a fantastic space for these kids to grow and expand further in areas of interest. Along with the many Early Learning and Child Development centers, they have an area that helps our youth also. “Their Youth Services program is something I found very intriguing. It’s an outreach and counseling addition that helps troubled young children and their families. This is important, the work that OHU does with children and youth kids. We will only grow with better and greater minds. These children are so intelligent, they just need the right direction and loving environment,” says Obi Shorinwa of Ora Group.


We’re really happy to have come across a charity such as One Hope United, not only are they proactive in the community but it’s all for the kids. “What’s a better motive than that?” asks Obi Shorinwa of Ora Group. It’s important to have these type of organizations in our community because they help us solve pieces of a puzzle. Sometimes the dynamic between kids and grown ups get’s dissolved within our society. We need to understand that children are the future. So whether a child is looking for a home or looking to seek help for personal problems, this is where One Hope United steps in and takes the lead as a superhero. We’re excited to have donated and can’t wait for their progress in the future.