Ora Group Shares: “This Successful Entrepreneur Shares Why You Should Do The Thing You Dread Most First Thing Every Day”

In an article on Entrepreneur.com, the writer Nina Zipkin talks about the CEO and founder of S’well, Sara Kauss. The central aspect of doing tasks that you dread and cringe about the most first is because it frees your time for other, essential priorities. The writer gives us a little background about Kauss. Zipkin writes, “In 2010, the former tax consultant and real-estate developer launched S’well, with the intent to combine her passions for fashion, philanthropy and the environment. And she has done just that. Today, S’well employes 108 people and has made over 200 designs, as well as three additional bottle forms under the brand’s auspices —  S’ip by S’well and S’well Traveler and Tumbler. In 2016, S’well became a $100 million company.” “This interview and question series is important to note for from a business owner and Ora Group worker’s perspective because we share the similar tasks and have the similar issues if there are any. It shows us that there are alternate ways to make sure we tackle problems effectively while still enjoying the benefits of being a business owner,” says Obiora Shorinwa, managing director of Ora Group.


“Mornings are very important and crucial. As a business owner, managing direct aspects of the company and knowing what is happening and where it is is important,” says Obiora Shorinwa of Ora Group. Zipkin reviews the question asked to Kauss by stating: “How do you start your day.” This is a very good question, and everyone’s answer varies. Kauss says, “I start my day with a strong cup of coffee and my email. It’s my routine because I am not a morning person and can’t survive without coffee. And the email,  I want to know what I am missing, what I need to address. I don’t answer everything immediately; I just scroll through quickly to see if any of my priorities have changed from the time I have gone to bed.” Starting with the problematic problems first help you tackle them with a fresh mind and cup of coffee. This is important to understand because new developments can happen overnight and new problems can occur that need a business professional’s expertise.


Another great question asked to Kauss was, “What’s a strategy to keep focused? She said, “I try to do the most important thing or the thing that I am most dreading first thing in the morning and get it over with. I look at my calendar and think about what is that thing that’s going to drive the business. What is that thing that I need to do that’s going to have the impact on the bottom line or have the impact on the day and just do it.” At Ora Group, we know that being focused is the pinnacle of success. It drives a business, and it’s super impactful! You just have to do your best and get on with your day and hone your skills to help you along.