Ora Group Shares MD, Obiora Shorinwa’s Recent Trip to the South African Gala


Being able to attend an award ceremony event and gala is always a pleasure and humbling to be a part of. Being able to attend events all around and internationally is also one of the most amazing opportunities in the business world. Recently, Managing Director of Ora Group attended an event in South Africa, a South African Gala. The South African Gala is known as an event that recognizes the on-going and productive journey of successful and outstanding achievements of striving individuals. It’s an event that shows the progress and accomplishments of businessmen and women in this fast paced industry. It also makes sure to point out what they are doing to thrive in the field of business.  


“One of the best aspects of attending business events and prestigious galas such as there are that I am to meet great, like-minded individuals. There are so many successful people out there, and everyone is there to be supportive, as well as share advice,” says Obiora Shorinwa, Managing Director of Ora Group. The environment becomes a type of social network meeting. “You’re able to meet and exchange business talk, make new relationships, build your professional status through friendly conversations. I’ve met some new and wonderful individuals at the South African Gala and I’ve been able to talk about Ora Group to extend the name internationally as well, which was great,” says Obiora Shorinwa of Ora Group. These events are perfect being an all around good time and essential tool for all the individuals in the business world.


In addition to being a memorable event overseas, and a networking opportunity it also becomes an educational experience. “I’ve also was able to speak to new entrepreneurs and speak to them about getting further in the field, it’s always refreshing to be able to offer advice to the younger generation,” says Obiora Shorinwa of Ora Group. All things apart, the atmosphere was filled with the smell of success. It was a moment to be in, and it was presented thoroughly and eloquently by great speakers and entertainment.