Ora Group Shares Business/Life Lessons from The Fast and Furious Franchise


Recently the newest movie from the Fast and Furious franchise came out. No spoilers of course, but it’s great. It’s packed with action and a great storyline as always. These movies never fail to deliver and always come through for their audience. “Who doesn’t enjoy Fast and Furious movies? I think it’s every person’s favorite whether they love cars or not. The story and characters are what keep us all interested as well,” mentions Obiora Shorinwa, Managing Director of Ora Group. We’ve also noticed that the Fast and Furious movies always aim to make sure goals are being achieved. The hustle and motivation the characters have, and their passion is what gets them to accomplish what they need to.


This type of mentality and hustle is what we aim for at Ora Group. There are various relationships and lessons to be obtained by individuals that are go-getters and want to achieve their dreams in life. “The Fast and Furious movies is a great example to show the type of mindset these individuals need and how we can relate them to the business world or with entrepreneurs to make sure valuable career lessons are understood,” says Obiora Shorinwa of Ora Group.


  1. Group Work/Teamwork. In the first Fast and Furious, we see a glimpse of Dominic and his sister, Mia. An unbreakable bond of teamwork and family. This only gets better as Brian joins in and sees how much they appreciate each other and work together. In doing so this lesson portrays that no matter what, as a company, the goal is the same: to do great things. Individuals may have their own pursuits in mind, however as a whole, we want everyone to work together and reach a common goal.
  2. Passion. Passion is a huge part in these movies. The reason why these characters do what they do is because of their passion for racing and family. They ultimately love the common goal and how much a unit they have because they achieve everything together. “No one gets left behind and this type of lesson is very valuable for those who need to understand what is takes to get what you want but not drag anyone you care about down along the way,” mentions Obiora Shorinwa of Ora Group.
  3. Leadership. Individuals in business should automatically have a leadership quality. When it comes to making decisions or when it comes to taking risks, leadership is essential to move forward. In the Fast and Furious, Dominic the essential leader and his well thought out plans are what get them going to reach the end. “His character is mixed with faith, trust and ability make him the leader type. Similarly,  business leaders should also try to incorporate these qualities in their offices and towards their workers. Dominic also knows what an individual can do and what they can’t, based off this all his plans run efficiently,” says Obiora Shorinwa of Ora Group.
  4. Win. Lastly, winning the biggest part of any goal or route you take. But it’s well thought out. Yes, complications will arise and probably compromise your plans but don’t ever stop looking at the bigger picture and overall dream. This is probably the biggest lesson entrepreneurs and business individuals can learn from these movies. Brian and Dominic, characters in the movies, never stop winning. That’s the type of attitude we need in the business world as well.