Ora Group Shares 3 Ways to Develop Daily Discipline

It’s always interesting to see how people manage to stay disciplined with a busy schedule. “Once you follow a plan and stay consistent, being disciplined is not as hard,” says Obiora Shorinwa, managing director of Ora Group. Whether you’re trying to accomplish a goal or finish some tasks, it’s important to stay on task and be consistent in your efforts. “Discipline to us at Ora Group means freedom, the ability to do how you want to do something in the process of achieving your goals. Discipline means to control your thoughts and help yourself achieve what you deem impossible,” says Obiora Shorinwa of Ora Group. Our representatives at Ora Group know the value of discipline, and we find these three ways very helpful to achieve it.


Make Clear Goals


What do you want from your goal? Why are you going through it? This is something not a lot of people can answer. But it’s important because once you figure it out, you can set a clear path to a goal and achieve it accurately. For example, if you want to eat healthily — implement strategies to help you achieve that.


No Matter What Mentality


Once you build a routine towards your goals, make sure that you are following it through. Many times people have a hard time sticking to a schedule. But just staying on it and following it through will prove to be worthy.




Promising yourself to accomplish comes with a lot of dedication. “Achieving this happens with commitment. Stay true to your routine and your actions, make sure everything is following through like you want it to, and you’ll reach discipline in no time,” mentions Obiora Shorinwa of Ora Group