Ora Group Shares 3 Ways to Build Team Spirit

At Ora Group, teamwork is just as important as independent goals. By caring about the overall glory of everyone in your office makes things run smoothly and shows that you are in their success. Nowadays, people assume they want personal glory and no one else should get it besides them. “If you’re doing the work and getting far, there’s no way you can’t have best of both. Being part of a team spirit brings a solid foundation to a company. It makes it healthy and viable,” says Obiora Shorinwa managing director of Ora Group. Leaders are a great starting point to help implement teamwork and team spirit, for example. There are other ways to have the collaboration criteria be a factor and Ora Group has come up with a few ideas we’d like to share and help.


Genuine Leadership


A company leader must know that representatives work with you and not for you. This eliminates the factor of independency a bit. “When something good happens the results will show and everyone that helped can get a reward. The primary outcome of good teamwork, comes from collaboration itself,” says Obiora Shorinwa of Ora Group.


Praise Often


Whenever a leader or business owner is proud of someone, they should praise them for their efforts on real work. If there is a critical point, then that must be done privately. Good leaders know the difference between causing embarrassment to their representatives, and that is done when you point out flaws in public. Personally offering them advice or suggestions to help next time helps them respect your character. This produces team work also.




For everyone to do well, there needs to be fair play and chance. Teaching representatives to look out before they leap helps build the connection with other teammates. You can’t assume everything will happen independently. However, when focus in, you’ll understand the effects of having a good team.