Ora Global Review The Advantages Of In-Store Promotions

Ora Global Review The Advantages Of In-Store Promotions

Business is booming in the USA, which is great news for both entrepreneurs and consumers. It also means, however, that there is increased competition for businesses in all sectors. That’s why marketing is more important today than it’s ever been, but in that field as well there’s a lot of choices. Entrepreneurs, especially those who are new to the world of business, often wonder which platform will be best for them. Here, in the spirit of Black Friday, Ora Group reveal the benefits of marketing and in-store promotions.

“Creating the perfect marketing strategy can sometimes seem like walking a tightrope, you know that it’s important, but it also has to fall within a tight budget”, said Obi Shorinwa, the director of Ora Group. “Companies today can’t afford to waste their marketing spend, but if they opt to use the latest technology for their marketing, that could be exactly what they’re doing. Traditional events based marketing is still a great, cost-effective way to get fast results.”

Studies show that people see website pop-ups and social media marketing as intrusive and unwanted, and promotional emails are picked up by spam filters or deleted without being read. When adverts come on the radio or television, the remote is grabbed, and channels switched. Event marketing and in-store promotions, however, are guaranteed to reach your target consumers. Our expert office knows exactly how to approach people to gain maximum interest in your brand and your product, ensuring that you gain new customers and enhanced brand awareness.

People love to shop, so when they meet our in-store marketers they’re already in a consumer state of mind. It’s a fact that people love human interaction, so they’re much more likely to respond to a question from an actual person than from an impersonal email. Face to face interaction also allows our marketers to gauge the response of consumers more accurately, by noting their non-verbal as well as verbal interactions. For this reason, in-store promotions provide excellent customer research in addition to being an excellent marketing outlet.

Obi Shorinwa the director of Ora Group says, “When people learn about a new product, try it, or receive a free sample in-store, they’re much more likely to tell their friends and colleagues about it. It’s a win-win situation.”

Ora Group are marketing experts and can help your business attract new customers that you may have never even considered before.