Ora Group on Learning from Your Mistakes

Ora Group on Learning from Your Mistakes

The biggest lesson you can learn from your mistakes is not to make the same mistakes more than once. Ora Group knows that making mistakes is human and that we all make them. However, the key is to learn from them and to try never to make the same ones more than once.

According to the managing director, Obi Shorinwa of Ora Group, “We are ‘Limitless’ because we believe success knows no bounds. In order to reach the top of any profession, of any industry, you need to be an innovator.” And, of course, being an innovator means you need to step out and take risks from time to time.

Some of these ‘risks’ a business is willing to take can be a colossal failure such as when Coke tried to reinvent itself when trying to compete with Pepsi for a sweeter tasting cola. Immediately after launching their ‘New Coke’ the company realized its loyal customers wanted the original recipe back. Within just a quarter of a year ‘Coke Classic’ made its re-entry onto the scene and the company has never tried to alter their time-honoured recipe again. Yes, they may try new ideas from time to time but they learned from that one huge mistake and never repeated it again.

“It is good to try new ideas from time to time because this is what growth is all about. A company that is happy with the status quo will simply stagnate and begin losing ground at some point,” Ora Group’s director, Obi Shorinwa contends. “The most successful entrepreneurs built their empires on ideas but that doesn’t mean they didn’t fail from time to time along the way. It simply means they quickly realized where they went wrong and vowed never to make that same mistake again.”

If you look at any of the world’s largest corporations from McDonald’s to Microsoft, you will see that each and every one made huge mistakes along the way. From McDonald’s $100 million USD Arch Deluxe mistake to Microsoft Bob’s ultimate demise, two of the world’s most profitable companies made gigantic mistakes. What you should take away from this is that neither company repeated those mistakes, or anything close to them, again. They continue to stay at the top of high-profit global enterprises.

Ora Group knows that mistakes are bound to happen. What they also know is that you can choose to learn from them or to continue making the same mistakes over and over again. The company that is willing to make mistakes as part of the growing process is the company that will rise to new heights – but only if they also learn never to make the same one twice.