Ora Group International Reviews: “How to Build Self-Control”

Ora Group is proud of how we build and promote the concept and habit of self-control. Self-control develops overtime with diligence and mindset. Mindset is the number one aspect when it comes to creating positive habits. “These habits will last anyone a lifetime because they encourage success. Studies portray that having self-control along with mindset helps you to get closer to your goals,” says Obi Shorinwa, managing director of Ora Group. According to an article in Success Magazine, by John Addison; Addison writes “It takes time and effort for the bigger gear to make a full rotation. For that reason, the bigger gear needs to continue turning in the same direction. If it’s constantly changing directions, the little gears waste energy starting and stopping. It takes self-control to stay consistent in your direction and focus.”

In this example, Addison is referring to the bigger gear being self-control. Self-control takes time to build and head in the right direction. Once it is in momentum and focus, you decide the amount of self-control you need to stay in the right direction. Addison also relates self-control to having a kind of energy with it. He writes, “Each act that requires self-control progressively depletes this energy reservoir, whether it’s when you use it to resist a piece of cake, or focus single-mindedly on a difficult problem, or stay calm when you feel provoked.”

At Ora Group, we commend the individuals that have made a routine for themselves to focus and develop self-control. Self-control to us shows that an individual knows themselves. They know their confidence level, and they know their mindset and ability. To us, self-control means attitude, discipline, and growth all in one. The concept of self-control itself is a big deal for anyone to have and build. It takes years for individuals and companies to have that kind of habit. We embody the principles of self-control, and our firm represents the same.