Ora Group Establishing Itself as a Leader in International Marketing

With new internet marketers popping up on a daily basis, competing in this increasingly saturated sector has become absurdly difficult in the last five years. However, agencies that have headquarters in the real world are at an advantage, as industry analysis reveals that marketing companies with offline presences are more likely to obtain and keep high-quality clients in comparison to agencies that are based solely online.

Building a marketing group that can excel at the top of such a fiercely competitive industry requires a combination of premium talent, optimal productivity, and great presentation across the board. Obi Shorinwa, the owner of Ora Group International, has been on the fortunate end of the recent uptick in corporate marketing sales, spearheading an agency that now works with numerous Fortune 500 companies in multiple countries.

Ora Group original offices were based in Newcastle, England, but the company has been able to expand to a new office space in Jersey City to better accommodate US clients. The agency has blossomed into a formidable firm over the years, with Obi Shorinwa assisting other company leaders throughout the process of growth and development.

Moving into international territories is becoming a popular way for marketing groups to expand their outreach, gain more clients, complete bigger projects, and ultimately increase annual revenue. Ora Group is aiming to establish several more office locations for the group during the next 2 years, as part of a globalization strategy that will eventually give the brand a presence on almost every continent.

Obi Shorinwa and the entire team at Ora Group have a lot of work cut out for them, but there’s no shortage of work to get them to their goal. In fact, the word “selective” in Ora Group is integral to the entire process as it typifies the way in which this amazingly effective marketing group does everything. From choosing team members to the venues for marketing and sales, each component is specially tailored on a client by client basis.

Despite the ubiquitous presence of marketers on and off the web, the demand for quality sales and marketing services is higher than ever, because only a small minority of marketing firms can actually deliver results worth paying for.

Of course, Obi Shorinwa and company are on the fortunate side of the spectrum, as the firm can use its existing reputation and portfolio to attract an even larger portfolio of clients who will also help build their international initiative.