Ora Group Discusses The Importance of a Sports-Minded Mentality for Graduates

For athletes, being able to maximize their abilities and skill takes an immense amount of motivation and resilience in order to reach their goals and break their personal bests. Many times regular folks who have a hard time gaining motivation, stop trying to accomplish things because they find it hard to overcome obstacles. For example, when a basketball athlete tries to improve his/her 3-point shots, they work extremely hard to make sure those shots are as good as perfect. So when they’re in an actual game and their team needs extra points, they can come in clutch. Steph Curry wouldn’t be Steph Curry if he wasn’t behind closed doors practicing all the time! This is why athletes such as him are very successful. However, if athletes give up because they can’t seem to make their 3-points during practice, they won’t go further. That mindset or fear will stop them. That’s when you need confidence the most. Ora Group believes that the key to success for graduates is confidence and knowing that hard work sets them up for any goal.


Similarly, just like an athlete’s mentality to overcome any challenge and gain results, that’s the mindset graduates need to be able to overcome their fears and reach their goals. “Everyone has passion and purpose in life. As a fresh graduate, you may have an idea of where you want to go and don’t know how to implement your skills. But the important mindset to have is confidence. With confidence, drive and resilience anything is possible and it’ll set a great impression for any interview or company superior you meet. Any goal can be accomplished,” mentions Obi Shorinwa, Managing Director of Ora Group. It’s a given that if an individual/recent graduate has the drive to be successful they already triggered their athlete’s mentality.


Ora Group strongly encourages new graduates to maintain a strong sense of motivation and purpose. “The ability to establish this foundation in one’s mind is what makes desires and determination stronger,” mentions Obi Shorinwa of Ora Group. To be the best competitor out there in the job world, confidence combined with drive is everything. It ensures that you maximize your ability towards any goal. This type of mindset will impact anything you do and influence everything around you. It’s great to be aware of because not many people are aware that they are capable of great things. Being able to work hard, practice, improve your skills, have confidence establishes a purpose and that’s what sets apart competitive minded individuals apart.