Ora Group Attended an Admin Meeting in Chicago

Successful companies and businesses rely heavily on exceptional administrative professionals. “An admin of a company is the person that makes sure everything is running efficiently. They are skilled and are always looking for new strategies to make tasks more efficient and get responses,” says Obiora Shorinwa, Managing Director of Ora Group. Recently, Ora Group attending an exclusive administrative meeting in Chicago. We got a chance to participate in this conference and learn about how important an admin is for business. “The best admin professionals aren’t side-line supportive players, instead they add value to the team in a very significant manner. They are vital to our company’s success,” notes Obiora Shorinwa of Ora Group.


During this meeting, one quality struck out the most that make sense in various aspects. It’s important to have a good CEO-Admin relationship because together you can bring more to the table. Letting one do everything themselves isn’t how teamwork and a company runs. Every position has a major role to play. In the case of an admin, communication and thinking outside the box is essential. Managing directors and leaders appreciate an administrative professional’s mind for critical thinking and thinking on their feet. Every day in the business world is different. “We regularly work with various people, meet new clients and customers that want to do business with us. It’s important that our admin knows how to be that person that makes decisions with everyone on the team,” says Obiora Shorinwa of Ora Group.


Every day new situations arise and in the company making fast actions become necessary. In addition to being an admin that brings the company in the best light, you can also pitch in with advice and strategies to make something flow better. This will only happen once you communicate and develop a strong professional bond with your CEO. Stretching your ability as an admin and developing critical capabilities puts you in a position where you become a valuable asset. In addition to being that go-to person, you are an integral part of a business and matter as much as a CEO does.