Ora Global Offer Students Some Graduation-Preparation Tips

Ora Global Offer Students Some Graduation-Preparation Tips

If you are reading this as a soon-to-be graduate, then you should have already given your resume a makeover and a fresh face ready to be emailed out to prospective employers. Managing director Obi Shorinwa of New Jersey-based marketing firm Ora Global has some tips for those preparing to graduate in the new year.

As the director of successful marketing firm Ora Global, Obi Shorinwa has a myriad of experience interviewing and hiring graduates looking to begin their careers. By implementing these simple tips into your life while preparing to graduate from university, you will increase your chances of securing your dream job and becoming a professional in your field.

Resume Perfecting

Your resume will become your weapon, so make it your priority to get it on point. Seek multiple feedback on your resume to make sure it stands out, ask your tutors and contacts on other courses. Also, any professionals in your family are guaranteed to give you their honest opinion. “Different industries will want to see different things on your resume, so when applying for very varied roles, you should tailor your CV to suit. For example – a marketing resume and a sports coach resume” explains managing director Obi Shorinwa of Ora Global.


While at university you are usually timetable to attend regular workshops and lectures, you should also actively attend professional workshops and job fairs outside of your schooling, as this makes for good practice for when you graduate and want to continue learning. “Workshops and seminars are a fantastic opportunity for you to meet like-minded professionals in your chosen industry and are a great learning source” explains Obi.


As a graduate it is imperative that you begin networking in all aspects of your life, by simply asking questions, learning and building relationships with people of value to you, you are building a strong network. Obi Shorinwa strongly suggests networking strategically and obsessively to make contacts while applying for your graduate job. Do this, and you will see the benefits in both your career and personal life. “If you really want to be successful after your graduation, you should make every effort to network beforehand, invest the time and you will see the value in making time to meet with people, talk to them, traveling or attend functions,” he says.

Obi Shorinwa of Ora Global can expect to see a steep increase in the number of graduates applying for openings at the New Jersey marketing firm, he and the team are excited to expand and bring on board some fresh new talent.