Obi Shorinwa of Ora Group to Speak at New Orleans Rising Star Event

After having been asked to speak in South Africa at a huge industry gala to honor top achievers, Obi Shorinwa of Ora Group International has now been asked to speak at the Rising Star Event in New Orleans in late October. “It is always an honor to speak at these events, but this is even more so for me this year because I am asked to talk about something that is truly important to me as a team player.”

He may be the director/president of the Ora Group, but Obi Shorinwa also sees himself as a part of the team. “Yes, I lead the team much of the time, but to me, it takes an entire team to get a job done. I couldn’t do it alone, and as each member of my team has different talents and strong points, we make a cohesive whole when working together.”

However, Obi Shorinwa also realizes that not all teams are able to work as well together because some lack the excitement necessary to carry them along. This is what he will be speaking on in New Orleans this year and it is something this dynamic leader excels in – building excitement among the ranks.

“Whether there is one team working toward a company’s goals or several teams on different projects, each member of each team must be motivated to meet those goals. This is where building excitement comes in. What I have found over the years is to demonstrate how a company’s success filters down to everyone in that company’s employ. If everyone is excited about prospering, then those goals are not as far off in the distance as you might think.”

In reality, the very best leaders understand that they are there to guide and keep things together but that few goals would be met without the collective effort of the whole. Unfortunately, some team leaders haven’t been given the tools they need to help build that excitement toward a common goal, and that is what Ora Group ’s leader is there to explain.

“If you don’t have team leaders who are able to generate excitement toward reaching a goal, it’s hard to get the entire team motivated. That team leader may otherwise be excellent at what they do, but the must also learn to help build excitement as they go.” Obi Shorinwa from Ora Group goes on to say that there are courses and seminars that teach how to build and maintain excitement and that may be all that is needed to get the ball rolling.