Frequently Asked Questions

Why would outsourcing be good for your business?

It’s important not to spread yourself too thin as a business owner. Rather be a master at one element of your business that generates you income as opposed to a jack of all trades. This is why many companies outsource their accounting, printing and design work, as well as PR services, recruitment, sales and marketing. By doing so they can then focus on their products and services and in-house customer service.

The main reason to outsource certain functions to specific companies is because they are a specialist in that area.

ORA Group are specialists in direct marketing and sales – and that’s why we’ve experienced such amazing growth since inception.

What type of products benefit from integrating direct marketing promotional activities?

The answer to this question is very simple: any and all products that appeal to the mass market. Products that can be purchased by various demographics in any geographical location. We have worked with clients in the financial, telecommunications, food, health and beauty, home entertainment, security, charity and energy sectors.

ORA Group is confident that we can increase the market share for almost any brand so long as they have a large target market.

The only types of brands that don’t work alongside mass-market penetration are exclusive luxury and very expensive products where only a small percentage of the population will qualify.

How has ORA Group managed to grow so quickly?

No brand can say they have enough customers. All companies are looking to increase their bottom line and for this reason ORA Group will continue to not only stay in business but grow exponentially each quarter.

Along with all the other benefits that direct marketing has to offer, ORA Group also offer our clients a no-win no-fee guarantee which completely alleviates any risk factor for the client when partnering up with ORA Group.


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