Ora Group On Being Bold In business

Ora Global On Being Bold In business

Ora Group On Being Bold In business

Recent studies show that the business men and women of today, need to be bold. No not shave off your hair bald. Bold. It has become apparent, that to be a strong leader, you must lead boldly, as this kind of leadership requires smart risk taking and making brave business decisions which could achieve your business’s goals.

Managing director Obi Shorinwa of Ora Group is himself, a bold business leader in his fast-paced and competitive field. Obi Shorinwa recognizes the demand for bold leadership in today’s business world, he practices this method on a daily basis setting the example for his team of budding entrepreneurs, who drive the success of Ora Group marketing firm. Bold leaders are comfortable with thinking big, setting extremely high goals, or tackling a large project. They are not afraid to pick a fight with a powerful competitor. Instead of avoiding feedback from others they seek it. Obi understands that if he is to attract the kind of talent who can develop bold leadership and will be willing to take personal responsibility for an unpopular or tough decision, he himself has to portray these characteristics and encourage his team to adopt a similar courageous and brave mindset, who aren’t afraid to take risks.

Creating a culture of courage amongst your team is fundamental to produce a strong team who will push your organization further than even you, the CEO, thought was possible. Obi Shorinwa of Ora Group says “I make sure that every day I am on top of my game and being an example of a bold leader to my guys. I must consistently demonstrate the characteristics of a risk taker and courageous leader, as this creates a competitive and results-focused culture within the team”. He says “This then drives them to make tough decisions with enthusiasm and they will begin to feel excited when challenges arise and taking them on as bold, and courageous leaders” Obi Shorinwa of Ora Group explains.

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Obi Shorinwa himself was honoured to have been invited, and spoke on several areas of business that need to be developed in order to be successful.

Ora Group Review The Benefits Of Business Seminars

“Any entrepreneur should actively seek out opportunities to meet people in their sector”, said Obi Shorinwa, director of Ora Group . “And one of the best ways to do this is by going to business conferences, meetings and seminars. I recently attended one in New York City, and it proved an invaluable experience to myself and other attendees.”

The industry meeting was a very select affair, with chosen entrepreneurs from the marketing industry invited to attend. It was one of the smaller seminars that Obi Shorinwa attended, but it was also one of the most productive. The intimate setting proved very conducive and everyone at the seminar made a real contribution to all the debates. The facilities themselves were excellent, and the delegates enjoyed stunning views across the heart of New York City from a private yacht as they discussed marketing matters.

Obi Shorinwa himself was honoured to have been invited, and spoke on several areas of business that need to be developed in order to be successful. One of the main themes of the seminar was the plan for growth during the last quarter of 2016. Through the seminar, and the discussions within it, delegates learned that it’s important to take a holistic view of a career in business, and ensure that each area is developed equally. A business owner needs to have a good understanding of all aspects of their business, or else they could miss early warning signs, and miss areas that bring opportunities for expansion and improvement.

“Whilst small and exclusive, this was also one of the most enjoyable business seminars that I’ve attended”, said Obi Shorinwa. “It was great that I got to share the benefits of my experience within the industry, and I know that the delegates there took great interest in what I was saying. I learned a lot too, and I’m sure that some of the things I picked up on can be used to the benefit of all of my clients.”

Ora Group  take pride in providing substantial returns on investment for their clients, by acquiring new customers and enhancing brand awareness.

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Ora Group - Mental Toughness

Ora Group Take An Interesting Angle On Mental Toughness

Ora Group recently read an interesting article which compares Mental strength to playing golf.

According to the article featured on entrepreneur.com, most people don’t realize that there’s an logical process by which they think their thoughts. Supposedly, mentally tough people, those who can withstand huge amounts of stress and act with focus under pressure, take a more deliberate approach to how they process every thought throughout the day. The article takes an interesting perspective and says you can compare this process to the way a professional golfer, approaches their swing.

Managing director Obi Shorinwa of Ora Group is a sports enthusiast himself, and enjoys a creative sports metaphor, that is why this unique perspective grabbed his attention. If you’ve ever played golf yourself, then you know that there’s a process for every stroke that includes factors related to grip, stance, body position and the mechanics of the swing. If you want to become a member of the mentally tough and I hope you do as it will serve you well in business, start to apply this golf-swing-like process to your decision making, personally and professionally.

According to the article, the Golf Swing of Thinking is the four-step process through which to run every thought. It has been named thinking like CRAP: Clarity, Relevance, Accuracy and Precision. Humorous yes, but most importantly it sticks, here’s how to it works. First, Clarity. The article homes in on how most of us have a difficult time communicating clearly, but that is a symptom of not thinking clearly. Most tell others what they don’t want, but have an extremely difficult time saying what it is they do want. Exactly the same way we “Look both ways when you cross the street.”
The article describes how the brain translates the word “don’t,” do or even completely erases the word and does exactly what you didn’t want to do. As you have brought the idea to the attention of your brain and now subconsciously that’s all you can think about. For example, a golfer will think “Don’t hit the ball into the water”… Where has the ball gone? SPLASH!.. Exactly. Or don’t hit it into the sand trap. Don’t spill your milk. Don’t screw this up. Don’t fumble the ball, unconsciously, these all become the new target.

So flip this theory, and the first step to becoming a mentally tough thinker is to clearly define and focus on what it is that you DO want. When faced with any decision, ask yourself, what is the outcome that I really want and then your subconscious will target it, much like the law of attraction and positive thinking. The article then makes a very strong connection which self made entrepreneur Obi Shorinwa of Ora Group can relate to. Put this theory into the office environment and using accuracy and precision to target what you DO want from a meeting with clients, or staff and order your thoughts, emotions and attitudes. This is a very interesting take on mental toughness, perhaps this comparison really does hit the sweet spot of mental toughness.

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Ora Group - Company Culture

Ora Group Look At Ways To Create A Winning Company Culture

A business’s brand is an important way to attract customers, and differentiate yourself from business rivals. At the heart of this brand is the company culture. Having a strong company culture isn’t only good for customer acquisition, it also helps to motivate workers. There’s no greater example of this than search engine giant Google. An article on Entrepreneur.com looked at how to create a company culture just like Google’s. Here, Ora Group review the article, and consider the importance of having the right culture.

“Google is a relatively young company, yet it’s phenomenally successful, so we can all learn from how it operates”, said Obi Shorinwa, director of Ora Group. “You don’t have to be a large business yourself to create a company culture that mirrors theirs, as the tips in this great article are relevant for businesses of all sizes.”

The success of Google is, in a large part, due to the enthusiasm and performance of its staff. Google employees are highly motivated and highly performing. One of the ways they do this is by creating a culture of fun. They are famous for encouraging a playful yet creative atmosphere at their headquarters, with nap pods available for use at any time, and free food for their employees. Smaller businesses can also create a fun atmosphere by running fun employee competitions and challenges. This could include events that raise money for charity, or competitions that give a prize to the winner.

A fitter workplace is a happier workplace. You may not have room to build a home gym at your business premises, but are there other ways you could encourage your team to get into great shape? Think about having skipping or sit up challenges, or giving incentives for people who cycle to work. It’s also important, of course, to make everybody in the team feel valued. One way to do this is by making their birthdays and promotions a special celebration. Get all the workplace to join in, and provide a gift from the company on their big day. Work outings can also help to build up that all important team spirit, whether it’s a day at the coast, or a trip to a sporting occasion.

“When your workplace is fun, your team will love working there”, says Obi Shorinwa. “Having a fun working culture will also create a positive news story about your company that consumers will love. The public love to see the human side of a business, so taking a little time and effort to create a fun environment can bring the Google magic to your company.”

Companies of all sizes can also benefit from the marketing expertise of Ora Group. Their fun and innovative campaigns improve customer acquisition and brand growth.

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Ora Group - Why Sports Minded People are Successful in Sales

Ora Group look at Why Sports Minded People are Successful in Sales

In light of all the 2016 olympics buzz, managing director Obi Shorinwa, shares with us, why he recruits sportsmen and sports minded individuals to join his elite team of direct marketing superstars at Ora Group based in New Jersey.

Much like sportsmen and women, salesmen are competitive, driven and a part of a strong team, “As salesmen, we train continuously, we run training sessions every morning where we practice our pitches and warm up before heading out to the field. Just the same as an olympic gymnast would before performing”, explains Obi. Being a part of a driven and competitive team, the guys at Ora Group build, help and encourage one another, as well as embrace a bit of friendly competition, to hit company targets and goals.

Sports minded people understand why they have to develop their skills and repeat the same actions over and over to increase their performance and become stronger, much like an olympic weight lifter who goes through the process of lifting 50kg to 150kg. “Sports minded people have a mindset that makes them push limits which is what is needed to obtain the desired results in our industry. Having a competitive streak helps you push the boundaries of what’s possible and helps you give the best account of yourself”, says Obi.
Obi and the team at Ora Group will be following team USA in the 2016 olympic games, we have some strong competitors leading us to victory.  

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Ora Group - Announces Newest Promotion to Management and Business Expansion

Ora Group Announces Their Most Recent Promotion and Business Expansion

An incredibly exciting time for Ora Group and managing director Obiora Shorinwa as they proudly announce the promotion of their newest manager, who will be proudly running their expansion across the pond, in New York city – the land of opportunities.

Our direct marketing experts based in New Jersey are all rallied up with excitement as they are expanding, and where better than the big city itself, New York, “We are so proud of our team here, promoting our top performer into management, it’s a privilege to mentor and work alongside such a talented and passionate individual” says Obiora. Promoting a new manager means one thing, expansion, which means more territory to work, and as a close knit group of marketing experts, Ora Group have been given the green light by their renowned client in the healthy foods sector to expand into new and bigger territory. “In result of the promotion of our newest manager, our client has shown tremendous confidence in us and our service, and has given us the opportunity to grow and expand in an incredible location, this is the result of all our teams incredible efforts and hard work” explains Obiora.

The chance to build innovation and growth within New York city, gives Obiora and his team the opportunity for major expansion and creativity, territory Management is key to running a successful marketing campaign. Territories can be defined on the basis of geography, sales potential, and other factors like household income and we know this city,  certainly double ticks those boxes to a very high standard. “This promotion is a special one, our new manager will be responsible for the running of everything new, a new role, new territory, new customers and new events, this is an amazing opportunity that will certainly test their management skills but we have nothing but confidence in their abilities to succeed” says Obiora.

With this prestigious opportunity to develop themselves and others in their field of expertise, we are excited to follow Obiora and his amazing team along their exciting journey, to everyone at Ora Group, congratulations and keep up the wonderful work.

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Ora Group - Attend Black Tie Event in New York

Ora Group Team Attend Industry Black Tie Event in New York City


Ora Group held their own at this year’s black tie event held in New York City and hosted by marketing industry, leading experts. The team at Ora Group joined to celebrate the successes of other leading marketing businesses within the industry, they gave recognition to those experts responsible for successfully growing their clients bottom line.

It is always an honor to be personally invited to attend a national awards ceremony, directing manager Obi Shorinwa of Ora Group in New Jersey were exclusively asked to attend this years black Tie event and spend the weekend travelling in New York City.

Having followed his dreams and moved from the United kingdom to pursue his career in direct marketing in the United States, Obi Shorinwa has experience with these events as he has previously attended several back home.Obi has received awards for his performance at these events before and so personally understands the honors each award brings for this team.

“I am beside myself with anticipation” Obi explains “our team are very excited to be representing Ora Group at this years Black Tie event. They are a group of passionate and motivated people who work harder than anybody else and deserve to have their hard work recognised.”

Across the pond from New York city, based in New Jersey, Obi Shorinwa manages a tight bunch of marketing experts, “Our entrepreneurs never stop believing in what they do, they work hard for themselves and for our clients.”

Direct marketing experts Ora Group have proven to be the marketing solution many organisations have been searching for all these years. It is more than mere advertising although that is a very large portion of what firms like Ora Group do. Not only do they promote brand experience and build customer retention, but they also focus heavily on the effectiveness of their face-to-face communication skills when meeting with consumers, as brand ambassadors for their clients.

With this much excitement in his first year in the United States, it will be exciting to watch Obi Shorinwa’s progression over the next year as his team continues to build successes in their innovative direct marketing approach. To the team at Ora Group, congratulations on this year’s achievements and here’s to many more to come.

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Ora Global - The Art of Using Body Language

Ora Global and the Art of Using Body Language to Boost Sales

Did you know that only about 7% of what you are actually saying ever gets communicated to your listeners? In research conducted by Dr. Albert Mehrabian, about 38% of what listeners hear is tone and the remaining 55% is in a group often labelled as body language. This includes such things as the expression on your face, the gestures you make and yes, even your posture factors into the equation. Obi Shorinwa of Ora Global New Jersey marketing firm, believes that using body language to control the flow of a meeting with customers can lead to significantly increased sales but even beyond that, body language enables you to know if the listener is actually trying to hear you or is off somewhere in never-never land.

Obi Shorinwa, marketing director of Ora Global, says that understanding this can be a huge benefit when working directly with consumers. “Unlike marketing through digital means, direct marketing face-to-face gives you a huge advantage and that’s why so many of the Fortune 500 companies are outsourcing sales to companies like ours to bring their products directly to their audience. We are known for our ability to listen and identify with what is being said and then to execute. This is what sets us apart as a marketing agency and why we are able to go the extra mile for our clients.”

But what does that really mean? What Obi Shorinwa says is that his team is well trained in staying in touch with the person they are communicating with. They know the little signs that say a consumer is not quite listening and therefore are adept in changing directions on the spot to maintain control of the conversation. Ora Global’s associates are personable and friendly and above all genuine. “This shines through when meeting a prospect for the first time,” Obi Shorinwa continues. Consumers of today are savvy and they have this inner sense that tells them if you are just approaching them because you see dollar signs or if you have a genuine interest in offering them something of value to them.

And that, in itself, is a key takeaway. Consumers also read your body language without actually knowing they are doing so and can tell if you are comfortable with what you are doing and if you have any doubts about what you are selling. Of course they probably aren’t aware of the fact that they are reading your non-verbal communication such as the way you are holding yourself or the facial expressions you are using but they read them nonetheless. Stay in touch with the way you present yourself and also with what you are reading in the nonverbal communications you are making when speaking with others and you will soon see that you can redirect your approach and come out with a sale more times than not.

Obi Shorinwa leaves you with the words of your mother. “It’s not what you say but how you say it.” Very good advice, indeed.

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ora group international - Targeted Marketing

Ora Advertising Explain Why Targeted Advertising is Critical

One of the reasons why local shops always seem to do so well is because of the fact that they are just that, local. They know the people they are dealing with day in and day out and can provide them with what they want and/or need. That’s a concept that businesses need to understand if they want to grow by conquering new markets. Here, Ora Advertising direct marketing group discuss why locally targeted and personalized advertising is critical in 2016.


According to data compiled by Gartner research group, integrating processes for local marketing will have the effect of increasing revenue by as much as 15%. Ora Advertising understands this as direct marketing professionals because they always seek to understand the local market before an event they are sponsoring. “We know that we need a different approach with each new location because trends vary from region to region,” says Obi Shorinwa, director of Ora Advertising.


This is a critical part of the advertising process if you are looking to branch out into new markets. For example, if you are selling bottled water in the USA, your adverts might centre on the benefits of drinking water free from chemicals but if you were placing an advert in the region surrounding the Tabernas Desert of Spain your adverts would target an audience looking for potable water to prevent dehydration. What works in the USA may not work well in a Spanish desert location.


Effective advertising takes the audience into consideration and when selling to local markets, this is important. “Our team hosts events for the same products in a variety of locations which means we need to be up on buying trends in each and every one of those markets. It doesn’t mean that some products won’t sell in new markets, it means that we need to research and analyse how that client’s product or service fits into that local market and then begin advertising based on that data,” Obi Shorinwa explains.


Businesses would do well to integrate these local marketing processes into their advertising scheme in 2016 to increase sales by at least 10 to 15%. Whether selling face-to-face at live events or through an e-commerce platform, it is vital to know your market. People usually don’t just spend money for the sake of it, they have something in mind. Find out what that something is based on local demographics and advertise based on that knowledge. It’s the surest way to capture local markets and increase your bottom line.

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Ora Group International - Suits

Ora Group Business Quotes to Inspire Entrepreneurs

Are you ready to recharge your inner CEO? There are days when every entrepreneur, CEO or business-person could use a quick lift of inspiration before tackling the next pitch, the next challenge, or even the next item on the to-do list. Seeking advice or motivation from successful business people makes perfect sense, we all do it. If you could use an infusion of inspiration, then here at Ora Group we’ve got you covered with three quotes from these motivational business leaders. Why not print out them out and keep them safe for those times when your entrepreneurial battery could use an inspiration recharge.


We have hand selected a few quotes that the Managing Director and CEO of Ora Group, Obi Shorinwa feels every entrepreneur, CEO and business-person should know when they need that little inspiration booster.


1) “Here’s to the crazy ones. The misfits. The rebels. The troublemakers. The round pegs in the square holes. The ones who see things differently.” – Walter Isaacson, Steve Jobs.


Business opportunities and being an entrepreneur is different from any other experience in the world, it is about bravery and having an idea or vision and then building upon that. Many people would claim that to start a business in the current economy is ‘crazy’ or ‘stupid’ but that’s why we are entrepreneurs. We seek to make our ideas, plans and vision come to life. At Ora Group we believe that there is no risk not worth taking when it comes to business. You either achieve a fantastic outcome or you learn from your mistakes and do better the second time round. That’s what makes entrepreneurship so exciting, new territory, new beginnings and a new adventure.


2) “A goal or decision without a deadline has no urgency. It has no real beginning or end.” – Brian Tracy

Ora Group MD Obi Shorinwa, explains further saying, “If my school teacher never gave me a due date for my assignments to be handed in, I don’t think I would have ever finished them. Of course with age and motivation I am more disciplined, even so  setting deadlines has been crucial to my success.”


3) “People who know what they’re talking about don’t need PowerPoint.” – Walter Isaacson, Steve Jobs.

“This quote speaks for itself, it is about being a natural speaker, salesperson and somebody with a passion for what they are talking about. At Ora Group we specialise in direct marketing, we acquire new customers on behalf of our industry leading clients and we would never need a PowerPoint, we have our voices, and with that, we can achieve almost anything” concluded Obi Shorinwa, Managing Director and CEO of Ora Group.

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