Ora Group Team Attend Industry Black Tie Event in New York City

Ora Group - Attend Black Tie Event in New York

Ora Group Team Attend Industry Black Tie Event in New York City


Ora Group held their own at this year’s black tie event held in New York City and hosted by marketing industry, leading experts. The team at Ora Group joined to celebrate the successes of other leading marketing businesses within the industry, they gave recognition to those experts responsible for successfully growing their clients bottom line.

It is always an honor to be personally invited to attend a national awards ceremony, directing manager Obi Shorinwa of Ora Group in New Jersey were exclusively asked to attend this years black Tie event and spend the weekend travelling in New York City.

Having followed his dreams and moved from the United kingdom to pursue his career in direct marketing in the United States, Obi Shorinwa has experience with these events as he has previously attended several back home.Obi has received awards for his performance at these events before and so personally understands the honors each award brings for this team.

“I am beside myself with anticipation” Obi explains “our team are very excited to be representing Ora Group at this years Black Tie event. They are a group of passionate and motivated people who work harder than anybody else and deserve to have their hard work recognised.”

Across the pond from New York city, based in New Jersey, Obi Shorinwa manages a tight bunch of marketing experts, “Our entrepreneurs never stop believing in what they do, they work hard for themselves and for our clients.”

Direct marketing experts Ora Group have proven to be the marketing solution many organisations have been searching for all these years. It is more than mere advertising although that is a very large portion of what firms like Ora Group do. Not only do they promote brand experience and build customer retention, but they also focus heavily on the effectiveness of their face-to-face communication skills when meeting with consumers, as brand ambassadors for their clients.

With this much excitement in his first year in the United States, it will be exciting to watch Obi Shorinwa’s progression over the next year as his team continues to build successes in their innovative direct marketing approach. To the team at Ora Group, congratulations on this year’s achievements and here’s to many more to come.

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Ora Global - The Art of Using Body Language

Ora Global and the Art of Using Body Language to Boost Sales

Did you know that only about 7% of what you are actually saying ever gets communicated to your listeners? In research conducted by Dr. Albert Mehrabian, about 38% of what listeners hear is tone and the remaining 55% is in a group often labelled as body language. This includes such things as the expression on your face, the gestures you make and yes, even your posture factors into the equation. Obi Shorinwa of Ora Global New Jersey marketing firm, believes that using body language to control the flow of a meeting with customers can lead to significantly increased sales but even beyond that, body language enables you to know if the listener is actually trying to hear you or is off somewhere in never-never land.

Obi Shorinwa, marketing director of Ora Global, says that understanding this can be a huge benefit when working directly with consumers. “Unlike marketing through digital means, direct marketing face-to-face gives you a huge advantage and that’s why so many of the Fortune 500 companies are outsourcing sales to companies like ours to bring their products directly to their audience. We are known for our ability to listen and identify with what is being said and then to execute. This is what sets us apart as a marketing agency and why we are able to go the extra mile for our clients.”

But what does that really mean? What Obi Shorinwa says is that his team is well trained in staying in touch with the person they are communicating with. They know the little signs that say a consumer is not quite listening and therefore are adept in changing directions on the spot to maintain control of the conversation. Ora Global’s associates are personable and friendly and above all genuine. “This shines through when meeting a prospect for the first time,” Obi Shorinwa continues. Consumers of today are savvy and they have this inner sense that tells them if you are just approaching them because you see dollar signs or if you have a genuine interest in offering them something of value to them.

And that, in itself, is a key takeaway. Consumers also read your body language without actually knowing they are doing so and can tell if you are comfortable with what you are doing and if you have any doubts about what you are selling. Of course they probably aren’t aware of the fact that they are reading your non-verbal communication such as the way you are holding yourself or the facial expressions you are using but they read them nonetheless. Stay in touch with the way you present yourself and also with what you are reading in the nonverbal communications you are making when speaking with others and you will soon see that you can redirect your approach and come out with a sale more times than not.

Obi Shorinwa leaves you with the words of your mother. “It’s not what you say but how you say it.” Very good advice, indeed.

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ora group international - Targeted Marketing

Ora Advertising Explain Why Targeted Advertising is Critical

One of the reasons why local shops always seem to do so well is because of the fact that they are just that, local. They know the people they are dealing with day in and day out and can provide them with what they want and/or need. That’s a concept that businesses need to understand if they want to grow by conquering new markets. Here, Ora Advertising direct marketing group discuss why locally targeted and personalized advertising is critical in 2016.


According to data compiled by Gartner research group, integrating processes for local marketing will have the effect of increasing revenue by as much as 15%. Ora Advertising understands this as direct marketing professionals because they always seek to understand the local market before an event they are sponsoring. “We know that we need a different approach with each new location because trends vary from region to region,” says Obi Shorinwa, director of Ora Advertising.


This is a critical part of the advertising process if you are looking to branch out into new markets. For example, if you are selling bottled water in the USA, your adverts might centre on the benefits of drinking water free from chemicals but if you were placing an advert in the region surrounding the Tabernas Desert of Spain your adverts would target an audience looking for potable water to prevent dehydration. What works in the USA may not work well in a Spanish desert location.


Effective advertising takes the audience into consideration and when selling to local markets, this is important. “Our team hosts events for the same products in a variety of locations which means we need to be up on buying trends in each and every one of those markets. It doesn’t mean that some products won’t sell in new markets, it means that we need to research and analyse how that client’s product or service fits into that local market and then begin advertising based on that data,” Obi Shorinwa explains.


Businesses would do well to integrate these local marketing processes into their advertising scheme in 2016 to increase sales by at least 10 to 15%. Whether selling face-to-face at live events or through an e-commerce platform, it is vital to know your market. People usually don’t just spend money for the sake of it, they have something in mind. Find out what that something is based on local demographics and advertise based on that knowledge. It’s the surest way to capture local markets and increase your bottom line.

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Ora Group International - Suits

Ora Group Business Quotes to Inspire Entrepreneurs

Are you ready to recharge your inner CEO? There are days when every entrepreneur, CEO or business-person could use a quick lift of inspiration before tackling the next pitch, the next challenge, or even the next item on the to-do list. Seeking advice or motivation from successful business people makes perfect sense, we all do it. If you could use an infusion of inspiration, then here at Ora Group we’ve got you covered with three quotes from these motivational business leaders. Why not print out them out and keep them safe for those times when your entrepreneurial battery could use an inspiration recharge.


We have hand selected a few quotes that the Managing Director and CEO of Ora Group, Obi Shorinwa feels every entrepreneur, CEO and business-person should know when they need that little inspiration booster.


1) “Here’s to the crazy ones. The misfits. The rebels. The troublemakers. The round pegs in the square holes. The ones who see things differently.” – Walter Isaacson, Steve Jobs.


Business opportunities and being an entrepreneur is different from any other experience in the world, it is about bravery and having an idea or vision and then building upon that. Many people would claim that to start a business in the current economy is ‘crazy’ or ‘stupid’ but that’s why we are entrepreneurs. We seek to make our ideas, plans and vision come to life. At Ora Group we believe that there is no risk not worth taking when it comes to business. You either achieve a fantastic outcome or you learn from your mistakes and do better the second time round. That’s what makes entrepreneurship so exciting, new territory, new beginnings and a new adventure.


2) “A goal or decision without a deadline has no urgency. It has no real beginning or end.” – Brian Tracy

Ora Group MD Obi Shorinwa, explains further saying, “If my school teacher never gave me a due date for my assignments to be handed in, I don’t think I would have ever finished them. Of course with age and motivation I am more disciplined, even so  setting deadlines has been crucial to my success.”


3) “People who know what they’re talking about don’t need PowerPoint.” – Walter Isaacson, Steve Jobs.

“This quote speaks for itself, it is about being a natural speaker, salesperson and somebody with a passion for what they are talking about. At Ora Group we specialise in direct marketing, we acquire new customers on behalf of our industry leading clients and we would never need a PowerPoint, we have our voices, and with that, we can achieve almost anything” concluded Obi Shorinwa, Managing Director and CEO of Ora Group.

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Ora Group International - speech

Ora Group Discuss 4 Unusual Ways to Become a Better Speaker

Obi Shorinwa, Managing Director of Ora Group knows how crucial it is to be a great speaker. He said, “Below are 4 fundamental points on how to improve your public speaking and how to captivate your audience.”


Share an emotional story. Admitting a mistake is great but not when used simply to show how far you’ve come. Instead just tell a story that relates to your topic and let your emotions show. If you were sad or you cried, mention it. Emotion trumps speaking skills every time.


Pause for 8 to 10 seconds. If you pause for two or three seconds, the audience assume you lost your place. Pause for five seconds and the audience begins to think the pause is intentional… and starts wondering why. Pause for ten seconds and even the people who weren’t listening to begin with can’t resist looking up.


Obi adds, “Some people assume public speaking confidence is something you are born with, that it can’t be taught, but I don’t think that’s true. At Ora Group we’re always looking for that extra tip to improve how we communicate. Right now I am preparing for a speech and I am making sure that I include all the points here.”


Ask a question the audience—and you—can’t answer. Ask a question you know the audience can’t answer and then explain why you can’t answer the question either, then talk about what you do know. Most speakers have all the answers; the fact you don’t—and are willing to admit it—not only humanizes you but makes the audience pay greater attention to what you do know.


Never think “sales.” Most business people assume they should capitalize on a speaking engagement to try to promote a product or service, win new clients, and build a wider network. Don’t. Thinking in terms of sales only adds additional pressure to what is already a stressful situation. Put all your focus on ensuring the audience will benefit from what you say; never try to accomplish more than one thing.


In Conclusion Obi Shorinwa, the Managing Director of Ora Group, based in Jersey City, says, “Don’t use your speech as an opportunity to sell your company or product unless that is the main objective of it. If it was a great speech, that ended with a little publicity stunt at the end your audience won’t appreciate it.

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Ora Group - Industry

Ora Group Gives Backing to the New Industry Code of Conduct

Managing Director of Ora Group, Obi Shorinwa understands the value of customer loyalty. “When establishing a new relationship with a client or customer it is essential that you gain their trust and deal with all data and paperwork accordingly.” The Direct Marketing Association, commonly known as the DMA, has recently established a new code of conduct that has been put in place with sole purpose of giving the individual piece of mind, when sharing information. Managing Director of Ora Group, Obi Shorinwa full supports these requirements. “Anything that can give our customers more security and comfort will help to solidify long-term relationships within the business. The code stands to eradicate any doubt regarding the usage of data that may be questioned by the customer involved. This can only be a good thing.”

Executive Director of the DMA, Chris Combemale states “The hero principle of ‘putting your customer first’ demonstrates the evolution of our industry. Each marketer and organisation should see one-to-one marketing as an exchange of value between its business looking to prosper and its customer looking to benefit. Data fuels the digital economy, so earning customer trust is a commercial imperative. Brands must make every effort to ensure that they always collect and use consumers’ data in ways that they expect and benefit from.” These core principles will give a better platform to establish more effective relationships with customers. The DMA’s core goal is to improve current practice and unify partners, to spread the values and importance of a better and more efficient marketing structure.

Managing Director of Ora Group, Obi Shorinwa give his view on the DMA and what they stand for “The association has been put together by those that put the customer first. The customer is every company’s top priority. What they think matters. If you’re delivering a bad service on unsteady foundations, it is doomed to fail. The DMA provides guidance and support for those who want to do things right. It unifies us and gives those within the industry common ground. Cutting corners will eventually lead to mistrust and uncertainty.” Ora Group prides itself on carrying out the best possible customer service which, has given them the recognition and confidence to branch out and benefit others. The company will continue to deliver their service in a professional manner and in accordance with all regulations that will make customers feel more secure.

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Ora Group - Learn or Die

Ora Group Review ‘Learn or Die’

Business can be one long learning curve. Even highly experienced entrepreneurs can be confronted with  new situations, or have to find new ways of doing things. That’s why it’s vital to learn from both our triumphs and our mistakes. By understanding the science that lies behind effective learning, we can make better decisions when confronted with the new or the unexpected. Here, Ora Group review the book ‘Learn Or Die: Using Science To Build A Leading-Edge Learning Organisation’, by Edward D. Hess (published by Columbia University Press).

“I’m always fascinated by the synergy between science and business, and that’s why I found this book such a great read”, said Obi Shorinwa, director of Ora Group. “The book has a clear message for entrepreneurs in its title, learn to adapt or be left for dead by competitors. The world of business is changing every day, so this warning is more important than ever.”

There are many factors that are transforming the business landscape. Technological innovations are at the forefront of this. Consumers love to use the latest technology, so if your business isn’t using it, then you could be left behind by business rivals who are. Increased globalisation is also creating the need for businesses to both learn and evolve. When confronted by competitors from other nations who have a different way of doing things, do we retreat into our shells and carry on as before, or try to learn from what they’re doing, and improve the way that we operate?

The author also looks at the way that science can help us understand how and why we learn. To do this he uses neuroscience, behavioural analysis, psychology, and the results of academic research. He takes leading companies such as UPS as examples, and shows how they’ve created an atmosphere of learning and innovation. Creating such an atmosphere is a primary goal for any business. Entrepreneurs and workers should always be seeking continual improvement, and looking for ways to make the service they offer better and more effective.

“This book shows us the scientific proof that humans tend to use reflexive or lazy thinking, that affirms what they already believe to be true, rather than seeking out new solutions”, said Obi Shorinwa. “Innovation is a vital key to business success, so it’s essential that companies do all they can to promote an environment where learning is encouraged and accomplished.”

Ora Group knows all about the power of innovation. Their tailored marketing campaigns help businesses gain new customers and achieve growth.

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Ora Group - Entrepreneurs

Ora Group Review the Opportunities for Entrepreneurs

Do you really enjoy your job, or is it simply something that pays the bills? Too many people get stuck in an employment rut, and don’t realize the opportunities that are passing them by. A recent study by Ink.com looked at the reasons why now is the best time to start a business. Here, Ora Group review this report and look at the advantages that come from being an entrepreneur.

“Becoming an entrepreneur is easier than most people think”, said Obi Shorinwa, director of Ora Group. “If you have a good idea, passion, a drive to succeed, and resilience, then you already have most of the tools you need to succeed. Why work for somebody else, doing something you don’t love, when you could enjoy the flexibility and rewards of being your own boss?”

The study highlights ten reasons why we’re living in an ideal time to become an entrepreneur. One of these reasons is the advances in technology. Technology is transforming our lives, from how we shop, to how we spend our leisure time, and how we communicate. It’s also transforming the world of business. Many entrepreneurs start online businesses and, during their initial phase, run it from their own home. This can save many of the expenses associated with business start-ups. It’s also easier than ever to communicate with consumers, thanks to the popularity of social media. This can help with both marketing and product launches.

Many people worry about a lack of security if they become an entrepreneur, but the study points out that in the current economic environment being an entrepreneur can actually bring more security. Although global economies have started to recover, many businesses are still looking to control and cut costs. Staffing levels are being kept to a minimum, and workers are having to work extra hours for no reward. Many employees are finding that jobs they thought were stable are being made redundant. By becoming your own boss, you take control of your own destiny, and the hard work you put in can have more of an input to your success.

“Working for yourself can be very rewarding, in more ways than one”, said Obi Shorinwa. “There really has never been a better time to become an entrepreneur. Discover the joy of working for yourself, and the sense of pride that it brings when you start to enjoy the success that it can bring. It’s time to think bigger, and make your business dreams come true.”

Ora Group don’t just create innovative marketing campaigns for established companies, they are also committed to helping new entrepreneurs. That’s why they are proud to provide training courses for people looking to start their own businesses.

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Ora Group - Shoppers

Ora Group Discuss the Importance of Mystery Shoppers

The concept of mystery shopping – having people shop somewhere and report back to the company about the kind of service they got and the presentation of the store – was first put into use in the 1940’s. In the last few years, however, it has become more popular than ever before, as companies seeking to fare the weather of the recession have been doing whatever they can to give their customers the best service and retain them. In the last two years, demand for the services of mystery shoppers has gone up by 40%, and the industry is currently valued at around £70 million per annum. Ora Group, a leading UK marketing consultancy specializing in promotional events, are strong proponents of using mystery shoppers, and even recommend that clients mystery shop them. Here, managing director Obi Shorinwa explains why mystery shopping is such a great tool for businesses.

‘Mystery shopping is a way companies can find out the kind of experience their customers get when they interact with their staff, and that is something that can be very hard to discover without the unbiased view of a mystery shopper. It is not about spying on your staff, but about finding where there are areas in which you could be performing better. It can identify where changes in training or policy could make your business more appealing to the people who visit you.’ Obi Shorinwa of Ora Group began.

When it comes to his recommendation that his own clients should use mystery shoppers on his business when they are at events, Obi Shorinwa explains:

‘People can be nervous about outsourcing something as important as their sales and marketing, and they want to know that their brand is being represented consistently and correctly. Because what we do involves promotions on a face to face basis, it is easy for clients to see how we are behaving in front of their potential customers and what messages we are giving out about their brand. Using mystery shoppers to do this can give them a clear view from an independent person about what we are doing, and this can help them feel confident about our performance, as well as enable them to make any suggestions about how we might tweak things.’

Ora Group are very positive about the ways in which using mystery shopping can help a business, and are also very prepared to be put to the test by their own clients.

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Networking | ORA Group

Why ORA Group Are Making the Most of Networking Opportunities

ORA Group have always been forward-thinking in their approach to business, and this has given them the edge when it comes to the competition. Keeping an eye on their competition has always been a priority to them, however they have also found that it’s well worth getting to know their competitors and building good relationships with them.

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